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Wine tasting

Join us on an expedition into the world of wines and find out which wine is suitable for you and your preferences!


Buying wine is a matter of trust – We do our utmost to advise you.


Wine tasting in the Vinothek


You have the opportunity to taste all our wines in our Vinothek in the Silberstrasse during the opening hours. We organize well prepared wine tastings for groups of 8 to 55 persons with expert commentary of the individual samples. For this purpose, we offer bread to neutralize your taste buds.


According to personal preference, wine tastings can be created by yourself, of course, if requested with our help.


We can offer 6-10 different samples.


Costs: € 6.00 – 8.50 per person


If you are interested, please contact us in advance under tel.: 0049-(0)2672/7181, fax: 0049 (0)2672/8810 or per e-mail.


Wine tasting with “Winzer” dinner


On request we offer a wine tasting together with a “Winzer” dinner in our Vinothek. Here you have the choice between:


A cold plate “Winzervesper”


B warm “Winzerbraten” with side dishes


C Vineyard tour with wine tasting and picnic



Wine tasting at your home


Try and enjoy our wines in a familiar environment together with your friends. We will offer you a wine package and all information about wine. Enjoy a successful evening.